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  • Juan Carlos Casado

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Juan Carlos Casado collaborates with several institutions on educational and outreach projects, including the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC), scientific expeditions (Shelios group and Ruta de las Estrellas project). He has written for magazines such as Astronomia (Spain) and Ciel et Espace (France). His images of the night sky have been exhibited in schools, colleges, universities, planetariums and science museums. They have also been published in magazines such as National Geographic and have appeared on television (BBC, NBC) and on various websites (APOD, SPACE.COM) Casado`s images offer a new perspective as they merge the beauty of natural landscapes and cultural and historical locations with the splendor of the night sky and its phenomena. He is also involved with Tierra y Estrellas (Starry Earth).