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  • Jorgelina Alvarez

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Jorgelina Alvarez was born in Las Flores, in Argentina. A town where predominate the peace, the nature and the tranquility. During her childhood she explored the Universe that was around her, increasing her sense and curiosity. Her experience in exploring and her connection with the astronomy is through the photography, she expresses herself through it, and it’s a way to promote science and art at the same time. Being recognized by the media, like Infobae (a digital newspaper), La Liga de la Ciencia (a TV show), La Nación (a newspaper) and journalists, like Jorge Lanata. Exhibiting individually and collectively in different exhibitions in Argentina, Latin America and internationally. Receiving Mentions and Awards for her photographic work made in the Antarctica Initially, for several years, her profession was the meteorology but now she is a full time photographer, especially a Landscape astrophotographer.