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  • Jeff Dai

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The youngest member of The World At Night project, National Coordinator at Astronomers Without Borders. He was born in China’s “foggy city” Chongqing in 1988. Jeff was not fascinated with the night sky until in 2011, during a mystical starry camping night on a mountain place that completely changed his life. He started to learn how to take nightscape photos and share them with people. Jeff seeks unexplored night scenes, from the remote wilderness of the Himalayas to the still pristine night sky above cultural heritage sites. His long-term project ‘Silk Road at Night’ takes him across the world to photograph and exhibit images. Jeff’s photos were published not only in China’s major media outlets such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, but also in international sources such as NASA, National Geographic, PNAS, and Nature magazine. Jeff is also a dark sky advocate with International Dark Sky Association, trying to preserve the remaining natural skies in his home country.