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  • James Perez-Rogers

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I am a self-taught astrophotographer and biomedical engineer. I went to school for engineering but fell in love with the night sky on a study-abroad trip to Africa. I picked up a camera in 2013 and have been utilizing Youtube to learn everything in astrophotography including composition, gear, and potential shots (Allyn Wallace was a huge influence on my work). I grew up in the Catskill mountains next to the Ashokan Reservoir, where most of my work is from. The reservoir provides some of the darkest skies in New York just north of New York City. I started with wide Milkyway photography, and over several trips, including to Iceland and Peru, I grew to understand my niche. I moved back to New York after graduate school at Brown University, and have since climbed several mountains (loaded with gear), aligned the sun and moon with terrestrial objects, and captured several eclipses. With the sun entering its more active phases, I have been blessed to photograph the aurora 5 times from The Ashokan Reservoir. I am excited to share my work under the night sky.