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  • Dennis Mammana

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Dennis Mammana is a popular science writer and a creative photographer known worldwide.He holds a Masters degree in astronomy from Vanderbilt University and has held positions at planetariums of several well-known institutions including the Smithsonian Institution's National Air & Space Museum, the University of Arizona's Flandreau Planetarium and San Diego's Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. He now devotes his time to astronomy writing, lecturing and photographing under the clear, dark skies of Southern California's Anza-Borrego Desert.He has authored six books on astronomy and hundreds of popular magazine and encyclopedia articles. Since 1992 he has authored "Stargazer", the only nationally-syndicated weekly newspaper column on astronomy in the US. A dynamic public speaker, Mammana is a regular guest on radio and television.Mammana's stunning night sky imagery capturing the motion, majesty and mystery of the cosmos has appeared in publications worldwide. He has served as an astronomical lecturer and technical adviser on expeditions to observe comets, meteor showers, auroras and eclipses on six continents. His travels have allowed him to photograph the night sky above remote historical and natural locations around the world.