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  • Dario Giannobile

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Chemical engineer with a passion for astronomy and photography, since 2013 he has been photographing the night sky showing the most incredible and sometimes hidden places in Sicily. He likes to look for parallels that show Sicily as a metaphor for the world. No borders, just one people under the same sky. His photographs present an unedited image of the island with the aim of promoting its millenary history, artistic richness and naturalistic beauty as opposed to the image that accompanied this land in the past. He has won several competitions such as the Photo Nightscape Awards in 2016 and 2021 respectively in the "In Town" category and in the "Timelapse" category. His images have been selected many times by NASA as Astronomy Picture Of the Day but also as Earth Science Picture Of The Day by the USRA. In 2017 he won the TWAN international photography competition earth and sky in the "composite" category with a star trail reflected in a mirror. In 2021 he was awarded second place in the Greenwich Astro Photographer of the Year in the landscape category. He has been published in many international journals such as Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Astronomie Das Magazine, Sky at Night, Astronomy Ireland, Ciele & Space and many national scientific journals such as Cosmo and Coelum. He has contributed to the dissemination of this passion by participating in many television and radio broadcasts as well as being interviewed by many Italian newspapers. His complete references are available at: Dario Giannobile is also a member of the Pictores Caeli group with which he shares his own way of interpreting landscape astrophotography.