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  • Dario Giannobile

Country: Italy email:

Chemical Engineer with the passion for astronomy and photography. Since 2014 he is shooting at the night sky showing the most incredible and sometimes hidden places in Sicily. He likes to search for parallels that show Sicily as a metaphor for the world. No borders, just one people under one sky.He won PNA 2016 and 2021 in in town category and Timelaspe category. His images have been selected as APOD and EPOD many times. In 2017 he won the TWAN international earth and sky photo contest in "composite" category with a star trail reflected in a mirror. In 2021 he was awarded with the second place at Greenwich APY in landscape category. He was published in many international magazines such as Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Astronomie Das Magazine, Sky at Night, Astronomy Ireland, Ciele & Space and many national magazines such as Cosmo and Coelum. He was mentioned in many italian broadcasting and newpaper.His full references can be found at: is member of the Pictores Caeli Group