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  • Cristina Medellín

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I am a dancer and audiovisual artist interested in celestial observation, the materiality of light and the relativity of time. My artistic practice focuses on the image as a way to document the dynamism of the universe and the human being, and conceives dance as a ritual exercise of cosmic connections.Because of its technical implications, my photographic practice involves a combination of light and movement, as well as rigorous patience. For me, photographing the night sky gives a greater sense of unity and empathy; observing the cosmos is a reminder of the grandeur that surrounds us, as well as the equality of circumstances in which we all find ourselves. On the other hand, I like to link dance and photography in a continuous search for movement, both of the stars and of the human body. Both disciplines have allowed me to establish dialogues with other cultures, documenting them with deep love and respect.I am a native of the exuberant lands of Veracruz, but I currently live in another tropic: Mexico City, where I co-direct a black box dedicated to the body and its instincts called Entresuelo.