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  • Christoph Malin

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Based near Innsbruck, in the heart of the Austrian Alps, Christoph follows his passion for outdoor and landscape photography since the 1980s. He is also a professional in mountain biking, sports photography and journalism and contributed to many magazines and world-wide media. His deep love to mountains is now merged with his dedicated effort in imaging the beauties of night sky. He is an experienced timelapse photographer and his nightscape imaging is oriented to production of stunning videos of the sky in motion. Christoph is also a member of the instructor team for the Austrian Summit Club, holding mountain-bike riding and outdoor photography courses, and a consultant on bicycle path networks for tourist boards and ski resorts in Austria. He regularly explores the Alps, both by bike and on foot, but his career has took him to many other countries around the world. In 2010 he met with the founder of TWAN, Babak Tafreshi, for an imaging session under the star-filled sky of Tyrol; an experience that changed his life. The impressive experience of night sky imaging on that trip forever addicted him to TWAN landscape astrophotography. He has combined his outdoor time-lapse photography and post-processing skills with his mountaineering knowledge to create some of the finest astrophotography time-lapses from dark places throughout the Alps and other remarkable mountain and desert landscapes. Christoph is also a photo ambassador for the European Southern Observatory (ESO).