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  • Babak Tafreshi

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The founder and director of The World at Night (since 2007), is an Iranian-American science photojournalist working with the National Geographic. Born in 1978 in Tehran, he lives in Boston. His photos and videos of the night sky merge art, culture, and science by bridging Earth & sky. They reconnect people with the night sky and importance of preserving the natural nights. Babak is a contributing photographer for Sky&Telescope magazine and the European Southern Observatory (ESO). He is a science journalist and astronomy communicator using all media. He received the 2009 Lennart Nilsson Award, the world’s most recognized award for scientific photography at the time, for his global contribution to night sky photography. He began night sky photography above natural and historic landmarks in the early 1990s when he was a teenager in Iran. He has always been fascinated by the universality of the night sky. Later became editor of the Persian astronomy magazine (Nojum) for a decade and had widely popular TV programs on astronomy and space. For production of a decade-long TV project he documented solar eclipses in all the 7 continents. Babak fine art website ( presents his work for prints & wall art inquiries, and lists his webinars, talks, and workshops.