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  • Alex Cherney

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Born in 1975 in Ukraine, Alex Cherney now lives in Melbourne, Australia where he works as IT consultant and enjoys observing southern night sky. Daughter's kindergarten project on Space inspired Alex to take up astronomy in 2007. That led to an interest in astrophotography. Alex loves the challenge and time-lapse imaging of night sky is particularly appealing because it shows the motion of celestial bodies in relation to the landscape and helps connect viewers with the night sky. Spending the night under the stars and then sharing it with the world is one of the biggest rewards for him. Alex travels throughout Australia to photograph the most beautiful landscapes under the stars of the Milky Way and loves to connect ocean, land and sky in his work. His images and videos were published in well-known astronomy magazines and books and won prestigious Australian and international awards. Alex is a passionate amateur astronomer and an active member of Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society. He enjoys helping out to get people involved with astronomy at public and school viewing nights.