Ajay Talwar Ajay Talwar The most dedicated astrophotographer in India hopes to photograph many of his country's heritage under the starry sky.
Alan Dyer Alan Dyer Well-known Canadian astronomy author and astrophotographer, and the author of the eBook "How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Timelapses."
Aleksandr Yuferev Aleksandr Yuferev From the heart of Siberia the Russian night sky photographer mixes artistic views with creative image processing methods.
Alex Cherney Alex Cherney Travels throughout Australia to photograph beautiful landscapes under the stars of the Milky Way. He connects ocean, land and sky in his work.
Alex Conu Alex Conu Freelance photographer based in Oslo, Norway. His passion for astronomy continues since the age of 5.
Babak Tafreshi Babak Tafreshi Science photographer working with the National Geographic. The founder of The World at Night (TWAN) program, his photos and videos of the night sky merge art, culture, and science by bridging Earth & sky. They reconnect people with the night sky and importance of preserving the natural nights.
Ben Canales Ben Canales Innovative night photographer and videographer based in Oregon who often presents human elements in his images.
Bernd Proschold Bernd Proschold An adventure traveler to most beautiful landscapes in Europe to capture stunning time-lapse videos of sky motions through night and day.
Bettymaya Foott Bettymaya Foott Bettymaya works for the International Dark-Sky Association as Director of Engagement. Preserving dark skies is her life goal and she finds that astrophotography is the most poignant way to express a love for the night, as well as educate about the impacts of light pollution.
Christoph Malin Christoph Malin From the heart of Alps, his deep love to mountains and landscape photography, is merged with passion to stars.
David Malin David Malin The most distinguished night sky photographer in the world is consulting for The World At Night and presenting photos by two other TWAN contributors: Akira Fujii (Japan) and David Miller (Australia).
Dennis Di Cicco Dennis Di Cicco Mixing your hobby and profession is more challenging than most people think but I will forever be an active amateur astronomer.
Dennis Mammana Dennis Mammana Brings astronomy to people through books, articles, lectures, TV and radio shows, and outstanding photographs.
Doug Zubenel Doug Zubenel For as long as he can remember, he has always seen the outdoors as a skyscape with land below it, rather than a landscape with sky above it.
Fred Espenak Fred Espenak Best known as Mr. Eclipse for his excellent eclipse predictions, he travels around the world for eclipses and other rare celestial events.
Gernot Meiser Gernot Meiser Travels the world in search of solar eclipses and rare celestial events, from the heart of Africa to the deep freeze of Siberia.
Jeff Dai Jeff Dai Dedicated nightscape photographer and Dark sky advocate from China.
John Goldsmith John Goldsmith A fascination with the natural world, a love of photography and adventurous astronomical journeys captures the essence of Goldsmith’s approach to astronomical photography.
Jorgelina Alvarez Jorgelina Alvarez A meteorologist and photographer from Argentina who like to promote science and art at the same time.
Juan Carlos Casado Juan Carlos Casado Educational and cultural projects and activities related to astronomy, and wide-field astrophotography of events around the world.
Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn A pilot and meteorologist who enjoys teaching night sky photography to help build awareness of how amazing the universe is beyond our planet.
Kwon O Chul Kwon O Chul Celestial motions, star trails, ancient temples, and beautiful landscapes are captured in harmony by this Korean landscape astrophotographer.
Laurent Laveder Laurent Laveder Innovations in landscape photography with the night sky, panoramas and 3D starscapes.
LeRoy Zimmerman LeRoy Zimmerman The Alaskan panoramic photographer was the first to ever film auroras in the panoramic format. Filming panos exclusively since 1967, his view of this world is unique. Natural beauty, seen in a natural way.
Luc Perrot Luc Perrot Based in the heart of nature on the southern hemisphere island of Reunion he merges nature and sky and reveals the exquisite beauty of night.
Miguel Claro Miguel Claro The official astrophotographer of the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve the first “Starlight Tourism Destination” in the World and member of the photo workshop team Fotonature.
Nik Szymanek Nik Szymanek From deep CCD images to landscape astrophotography, from the top of world's most rewarding observing mountains.
Oshin Zakarian Oshin Zakarian A master of art at night, from black & white to people under stars, from medium format images on film to digital nightscapes.
P-M Heden P-M Heden From landscapes under the Moonlight to dark wilderness of nature with a shining Milky Way above.
P.K. Chen P.K. Chen Known as the Peter Pan of the Stars, he has travelled to astronomical places around the globe and photographed the night sky from many dark sites.
Pekka Parviainen Pekka Parviainen Captures the beauty of the far north's long nights with star-filled skies, auroras and rare atmospheric phenomena.
Serge Brunier Serge Brunier A link between the breathtaking, deep images taken by professional astronomers through their giant telescopes, and the sky that anyone can see with the unaided eye.
Shingo Takei Shingo Takei The everlasting harmony between mankind and the stars fascinates the Japanese photographer to create starryscape images.
Stefan Seip Stefan Seip The incomparable experience of observing a dark, starlit night sky without any visual aids is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
Stephane Guisard Stephane Guisard A photographer and optics engineer shares unique experiences from extremely dark sky of Atacama Desert at the site of world's giant telescopes.
Stephane Vetter Stephane Vetter Astrophotographer, physician, mountain climber, who spend most of his imaging time exploring wonders of Iceland.
Taha Ghouchkanlu Taha Ghouchkanlu An adventure traveler exploring remote wonders of Africa and Asia. Both a deep sky and nightscape photographer.
Tamas Ladanyi Tamas Ladanyi Geographer, photographer, and avid amateur astronomer from Hungary who captures the night sky from many corners of the planet.
Thad VSoske Thad VSoske TWAN alumni, past member (2007-2013).
Tunc Tezel Tunc Tezel After years in photography, I'm still most fascinated by capturing the wide-angle beauty of the night sky and nature in one frame.
Wally Pacholka Wally Pacholka Captures the fabulous night skies over America's National Parks and great natural landmarks.
Yuichi Takasaka Yuichi Takasaka Living in Canada provides the advantage of long nights in the winter months to photograph night skies and stunning Northern Lights.
Yuri Beletsky Yuri Beletsky A scientist and photographer who works in the Atacama Desert, in astronomers paradise.