TWAN on PBS NewsHour

2009 September 11: News Hour, a long-standing and respected Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program, has given an online coverage and a brief TV introduction to The World at Night by Jim Lehrer. The online feature includes a multimedia interview with three TWAN team members. Mike Simmons explains the global message of TWAN and its mother organization Astronomers Without Borders; Babak Tafreshi defines the aims of the project while explaining how all humankind is embraced by one sky; Wally Pacholka provides information on some of his most popular images.

The online coverage also includes a video report of The World at Night exhibition in Denver, Colorado. The exhibition was among
24 TWAN exhibitions in US shopping centers.

The NewsHour is an evening television news program broadcast weeknights on PBS in the United States since 1975.

Visit the TWAN featured page on PBS online.
See the multimedia interviews and video report of TWAN exhibition in Denver.


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