TWAN Features in IYA2009 Publications

2008 November 15

Sky & Telescope’s special issue of Beautiful Universe 2009 is dedicated to International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009. The annual special collection of breathtaking images is a spectacular keepsake from the editors of Sky & Telescope magazine. It brings into spotlight some fine amateur astrophotographers at work today.

The World at Night (TWAN) is featured in an article and its images are showcased over 35 pages in the special issue. The breathtaking photographs represent unique celestial attractions from landmarks of nearly all continents, such as the southern Milky Way above the Chilean Andes, Alaska northern lights, the midnight sun in Antarctica, the rising Moon at Taj Mahal, and landscape photographs of the greatest comets of our time.

With TWAN photos both on the cover and on the back page of the issue which comprises a gallery of some of the best TWAN images, the Beautiful Universe 2009 is truly a TWAN representing publication. A TWAN photograph from Grand Teton starry sky in USA by Wally Pacholka decorates the cover, while a landscape astrophoto from Brittany of France by Laurent Laveder dominates the back page. The Beautiful Universe 2009 issue is now available at famous bookstores across the world and also at

TWAN is the main partner of another IYA2009 publication. Complementing this, the NASA Healthier You 2009 calendar is a special IYA edition. The wall calendar, which reaches to nearly all NASA staff in USA, has allocated 11 of its 12 months to TWAN’s stunning photographs, such as northern lights in Canada, starry night of Grand Canyon and Sierra Nevada, and Moonrise views above Athens, Taj Mahal, Persepolis, and Arizona. The calendar can be downloaded from the calendar webpage on NASA’s website.

A double page TWAN photograph the crescent Moon against Ramesses statue in Egypt, by Dennis Mammana, has also been published in poster size.


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