The World at Night 2014 Calendars


2013 November 30: Printed by DuMont, a major publication in Germany, and in relation to TWAN book (Zauber der Sterne or Magic of Stars) The World at Night 2014 calendar (entitled Zauber der Sterne) has text both in English and German and includes a stunning collection of starry images from 6 continents. The large wall calendar (52cmX42cm or 20’’X17’’) is available on the following links: Amazon UK, Germany, France,
, Italy.

The World Heritage Sites (WeltkulturerbeBeiNacht in German) is a unique calendar of nightscape images with a title not presented before in the world calendar market. With caption text both in English and German the photos by Babak Tafreshi tour around the world to cultural and natural UNESCO heritage sites; from Paris to Rio and from Himalayas to Sahara. The calendar is printed in 54cmX33cm (21’’X13’’) standard wall size by German publisher WeisichtVerlag and is available on Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

The Alps by Night or Die AlpenBeiNacht 2014 is another WeisichtVerlag calendar of TWAN-style images made by Babak Tafreshi and Johannes Gligoris. The photos highlight the beauty of starry skies of the Alps, one of the last remaining areas in Europe where the naturally dark sky is still preserved. The calendar is printed in 54cmX33cm (21’’X13’’) and available on Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

Aurora Borealis or Polarlichter 2014 is a panoramic calendar (60cmX30cm or 24’’X12’’) by the same publisher in Germany with text both in English and German. This image collection of fairly northern lights by Babak Tafreshi is captured above the landscape of Lapland in northern Scandinavia. The calendar is available online at Amazon


TWAN Photographer
Laurent Laveder
who is known world-wide for his Moon Game artistic images has a number of calendars this years published in the US and France. The American publisher Brush Dance has printed three 2014 titles with Laveder images: Moon Games (12’’ or 30cm square wall calendar), Moon Games Date Book, and Divine Signs (12’’/30cm) which presented a collection of constellation figure images over the landscape of France Brittany. The titles are available to order
. Another calendar of Laurent moon images are published in France, entitled 2014 Décroche la Lune.



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    Greetings to all,
    Sad to say I have only now discovered your wonderful website and organization. I am an avid night sky enthusiast specializing mostly in wide angle photography that includes foreground landscapes framing the eternal night sky and all its many wonders. I especially enjoy creating high definition panoramas. After browsing your website, I was unable to find a way to post images here. Could you be so kind as to tell me a bit about how this might be done and what your policies might be.

    Matt Pollock

    January 5, 2021 at 12:28 pm

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