Starry Skies of America in Life Magazine

2009 May 9

The World at Night photographic work by Wally Pacholka, decorate the latest issue of LIFE, a very well-known quarterly magazine in North America.

Life is a photojournalism magazine/book owned by Times Inc. The Hidden America, the latest issue (Spring 2009) of LIFE, features TWAN image “Milky Way over Delicate Arch” on the back cover, while another TWAN image “Under the Canopy of Stars” is published in the 2 opening spread pages of the magazine. The photo presents the Milky Way and Jupiter over Moonlit Haleakala Crater of Hawaii.

TWAN photographer, Wally Pacholka, has contributed more images to the Life magazine in previous years. In Life’s “America the Beautiful” 2007 edition “Milky Way over Delicate Arch” image was published for the first time in a story about Arches National Park as one
of 100 places people need to see in America. In Life’s 2003 “The Year in Pictures” the magazine selected “Mars over Poodle Rock” to showcase Mars’ closest approach in 60,000 years.

Wally Pacholka images have been also featured in TIME magazine Picture of Year in 1997 (for his photos of the Great Comet Hale Bopp) and in TIME Picture of Year in 2003 (for the opposition of Mars).


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