Sky&Telescope presents TWAN

2008 March 29

May 2008 issue of Sky&Telescope (the world’s most respected astronomy magazine with readers all around the world) introduces The World at Night project with an article and a photo gallery. The 5-page article-gallery authored by Babak A. Tafreshi (TWAN director) and Mike Simmons (AWB president) is titled “Earth and Sky United” and presents images by number of TWAN photographers: P-M Heden (Sweden), P.K. Chen (Taiwan), B. Tafreshi (Iran), Dennis Mammana (USA), Laurent Laveder (France), Anthony Ayiomamitis (Greece), Wally Pacholka (USA), Oshin D. Zakarian (Iran). The article in May 2008 issue of S&T is listed here in the table of contents .

Beside the printed version on S&T website there is an online page about TWAN time-lapse videos where 5 samples of The World at Night videos are presented.

The TWAN article in May 2008 of S&T is the second major publication of the project after the cover story article in IAU’s CAP journal of February 2008 . There are also plans for other publications in similar magazines in France, Germany and United Kingdom and number of media programs through 2008 and 2009.

You can download the PDF version of TWAN article in May2008 issue of S&T here.


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