Photo Report: TWAN in Hungary

2009 December 18: The World at Night greets Hungary with a traveling exhibition organized by the Hungarian Astronomical Association and the IYA2009 national committee and coordinated by the Hungarian TWAN member Tamas Ladanyi. Several organizations supported the exhibition including Epson company which sponsored the art quality prints. The first exhibition held during October 16 – 31 in the spectacular venue of the National Museum of Hungary in Budapest. The opening ceremony included public lectures, live music with TWAN video show, and broadcast by Hungarian TV (watch the samples 1 and 2). The organizing team created a website for the exhibition, while the most popular Hungarian website, and the Hungarian edition of the National Geographic magazine introduced TWAN and the traveling event. The second exhibition is hosted by the Museum of Rippl-Ronai in the historic city of Kaposvar during December. About 50 TWAN images were exhibited in connection with announcement of the first Dark Sky Park in Hungary which is located in this region (Zselic Starry Sky Park). Date and program of next TWAN exhibitions in Hungary during 2010 will be announced on our events calendar.


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