Photo Report: TWAN Exhibition Tours in Friuli

A small exhibition of TWAN images travels in the Friuli province of Italy in the north east part of the country. Coordinated by Italian amateur astronomer and sundial expert Claudio Cecotti, the exhibition first opened in Remanzacco municipality palace (about 7 km from Udine) between 4 to 9 May 2009. The exhibition was organized by Associazione Friulana di Astronomia e Meteorologia (AFAM). The second venue for the exhibition was in the town of Aiello, which is a unique open museum of sundials in all styles. The exhibition joined the annual Sundial Festival in Aiello on May 31st, organized by Aurelio Pantanali, a creative sundial designer who lead the major interest to sundials in the region. The TWAN exhibition will travel to more towns of Friuli in the rest of 2009.


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