Photo Report: TWAN Exhibition in ALCON 2010

A collection of about 50 TWAN photos joined the annual convention of the Astronomical League (ALCON) from 25 to 27 June 2010 in Tucson, Arizona, where some of the world’s leading amateur astronomers, dark-skies advocates and solar science experts were gathered for this joint event of Astronomical League and the International Dark-Sky Association. AlCON 2010 and the TWAN exhibition were hosted at the Tucson Hilton East and the exhibition was also open to public. The exhibition was coordinated by the efforts of Soha Namnabat, a graduate student at the University of Arizona Optical Science Center. The selection for majority of the images was based on the theme of dark skies importance and the growing effort to preserve the beauty of natural night skies. Wally Pacholka was the presenting TWAN member at the meeting with a lecture on night sky photography from national parks in the United States. Organizing TWAN exhibition at ALCON 2010 was not possible without support and collaboration of the following organizations: Astronomical League, International Dark Sky Association, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), Nova Space, Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association, and TWAN mother organization Astronomers Without Borders. Through continuing collaboration with some of the above organizations TWAN hopes to plan public-oriented exhibits in the Southern Arizona in fall 2010 and beyond. Photos by Chris Summit, Stephanie Mar, and Wally Pacholka.


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