Photo Report: The World at Night Across Chile

During the International Year of Astronomy 2009, Chile, a country famous for spectacular dark skies, hosted public TWAN exhibits in about 30 locations in 20 cities of the country. Tens of thousands people visited a stunning collection of The World at Night images. Production and travels of two exhibition sets was supported by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and coordinated by TWAN photographer in Chile, Stephane Guisard. In April 2009, Antofagasta, a port city in northern Chile, was the first venue before the exhibition travel to the central and southern part of the country. Tarapaca, near the Bolivia border, was another northern Chile region which hosted TWAN in several locations. The VI O’Higgins region in central Chile exhibited TWAN in over a dozen locations including the region’s capital San Fernando. However the most visited display was in Santiago during July 2009. The Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda, under the presidential palace, was the venue, while the exhibit returned to the capital in October for the celebration of Science week. In organizing TWAN-Chile events ESO collaborated with the national Conicyt (equivalent of the National Science Foundation) in Explora program, which made the exhibitions travel around and make them visible to many schools.


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