Photo Report: The Central European Deep Sky Imaging Conference


The historic city of Linz in Austria becomes a beating heart of astrophotography in Europe by holding a major event each two years in March that provides a unique meeting opportunity for dedicated astrophotographers in Europe to share ideas. The Central European Deep Sky Imaging Conference (CEDIC) is a growing event that sees more international attendees each time. The second CEDIC in 2011 for example had more than 150 participants from 20 countries, including lecturers from South and North America, and the Middle East.

Linz is also the home to some of the country’s most accomplished amateur astronomers. Each time there are invited guest speakers. In March 2011 Jay GaBany from the United States was the featured lecturer and in 2013 David Malin from Australia was invited. The World at Night workshop by Babak Tafreshi in CEDIC 2011 was an overview on challenges and techniques of landscape astrophotography, now often referred as TWAN-style photography. While this is very different from deep-sky imaging, CEDIC organizers intend to include all aspects of astrophotography to broaden the audience of this well-planned conference. In the 2013 event Tafreshi looked at various parameters that generate color of the background sky and how to retain natural night sky colors in nightscape photography; an issue that becomes a growing problem in saturated sky photos often with extremely shifted white balance. The workshop came along the featured talk by David Malin on “Natural Night Sky“.

The next CEDIC will be in March 2015. CEDIC is hosted by one of the most creative modern museums in Europe. The Ars Electronica Center is known for its Deep Space hall, where images in very high resolution are projected on 16-by-18-m screen that extends from the wall to the ground, and visitors can walk into crystal sharp images while surrounded by the starry cosmos, or enjoy amazing 3D shows. The museum was hosting the first TWAN digital exhibition from October 2011 to April 2012. Photos by Herbert Raab. More about CEDIC:



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