Photo Report: First Exposure in Scandinavia

2009 December 19: A traveling exhibition of The World at Night started in Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Astronomical Society and coordinated by TWAN member in Sweden, P-M Heden. The first exhibition and large screen display opened in the gallery and theater of Vallentuna town library, near Stockholm, from Nov. 11 to 19. The second exhibition was hosted in the historic building of the Uppsala University Museum, known as Gustavianum. A beautiful lecture room from the 17th century on the top of the building is the venue of TWAN exhibition from 2009 November 27 to 2010 January 31. A number of side events including lectures and public observations is planned by the Astronomical Society of Uppsala. While TWAN exhibition in Sweden created in conjunction with the International Year of Astronomy 2009, the exhibition will expand in collection and continue to other cities in 2010 and beyond. The historic observatory museum of Stockholm is one of the major future venues where will host the exhibit in fall 2010.


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