New Publications: TWAN Book in German and Dutch

2010 October 6: Zauber der Sterne (The Night’s Magic) is the first published TWAN book in Europe, released in September 2010 by the well-known German publisher KOSMOS. Zauber der Sterne is delightfully illustrated with a collection of about 150 starry photos by TWAN photographers from around the world. The text includes articles about TWAN, the images, and how to do sky photography, authored by TWAN members Stefan Seip, Gernot Meiser, and Babak Tafreshi.

TWAN images in the book display the sky over the most magical locations on earth, from Grand Canyon to Mount Everest, Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, and Persepolis in Iran.
The images in the book are in chapters separated by continents and many display night sky beauties above Well-known world cultural heritage sites or bizarre natural formations.

The first released editions of this book are in German and Dutch but its planned to be translated and published in more languages. The title of the Dutch edition is “Prachtige nacht” and it is published by
Fontaine Uitgevers in Netherlands.


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