New Event: TWAN in National and International Conferences

2008 May 24

Astronomers Without Borders will introduce TWAN and other organization projects at
The 27th Annual International Space Development (“The New Pace of Space”). Supported primarily by NASA and Space Florida, and organized by the National Space Society, the event takes place from May 29 to June 1 in Washington, DC. Many well-known speakers will give presentations at ISDC 2008, including Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11 astronaut), Dr. Neil Tyson (Nova, Director of Hayden Planetarium), Anousheh Ansari (first female private space explorer), Miles O’Brien (CNN), Dr. John Marburger (science advisor to the President of the United States). A presentation about AWB’s activities including TWAN, “Astronomers Without Borders: One People, One Sky”, will be given by Mike Simmons at 3 pm on May 31. Mike will also be part of panel announcing a new organization, The Overview Institute, that will encourage use of the view of Earth from space known as the Overview Effect to foster peaceful relations.

TWAN will be presented at the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific taking place from May 31 to June 4 in St. Louis, Missouri, as part of the summer meeting of the American Astronomical Society (2008 June 1 – 5 in the St. Louis Convention Center). The
AAS/ASP 2008
event brings together those who are interested in astronomy and space-science education and outreach to discuss international, regional, and local programs for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. In an afternoon session on June 3, Mike Simmons will present “The World at Night: A Special IYA2009 Project with a New Perspective of Earth and Sky”. The schedule for all presentations at the AAS/ASP event is available here.

The last of the three major AWB-TWAN spring 2008 presentations takes place in Tucson, Arizona. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) milestone 20th Anniversary Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference celebration will be held June 8–10 at Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort. TWAN will be presented in this meeting by AWB president and TWAN coordinating team member Mike Simmons.


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