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The World at Night (TWAN) as a Special Project of International Year of Astronomy 2009 (UNESCO/IAU) is seeking venues for major exhibitions worldwide during IYA2009. These exhibitions will enhance the offerings of any museum or public space exhibit with eye-catching images created by the TWAN team of specialized photographers. The exhibitions are designed to be shown either indoors or outdoors in interesting settings and can be standalone or in conjunction with other IYA2009 exhibits and activities.

As displayed in the world map below there has been already international locations where interest has been expressed in hosting a TWAN-IYA image exhibition or an educational event. TWAN has started its presenting activities by publications and lectures in various conferences during 2008 and implementation activities for several major educational events and exhibitions are already started, including those in India, France, Germany, USA and Brazil.

TWAN produce stunning exhibition-quality photographs of the world’s landmarks against the nighttime backdrop of stars, planets and celestial events. It presents the symbols of different nations and regions under the starry sky, attesting to the truly unified nature of Earth as a planet. The world’s best landscape astrophotographers are now in TWAN team to provide artwork footage from around the world, from the Milky Way over Atacama Desert to celestial delights above ancient Greece landmarks. Beside the photographs stunning time-lapse videos of celestial motions are being produced from selected locations. Those are exceptional material for large screen presentations.

Beauty and Education
Beside the universality idea and charming beauty of TWAN material there are other preferences behind the project:
Popularizing Astronomy: the wide field night sky photos with landscape in the foreground make inseparable connection between the viewers and the sky. This is the same as general people would experience out in nature without the aid of large telescopes.
Educating Astronomy: There is science and education behind the strong visual impression by TWAN images, including learning about the night sky, celestial events, cosmic motions, astrophotography, and joy of astronomy.
Dark Sky Importance: TWAN images aware public on why we need to preserve dark skies of the planet.
Astronomy and Culture: TWAN presents the Earth as a single planet embraced by one sky. This makes connection between the world’s cultures with the night sky through the history.

TWAN offers several classes of exhibitions. Cost estimates will be depending on the countries and the size of the event. TWAN is a non-profit program and all needed local funds are for direct exhibition costs and can be handled directly by the hosting venue. The print sizes appeared below are just standard suggestions and they would be modified according to local possibilities.

– Cluster Plan:
100-print exhibition (75X115cm and panoramic sizes); screen exhibition (5-10 large screens, 40” or bigger located in a dark hall to demonstrate TWAN time-lapse videos with ambient music); public presentations about night sky in general, IYA, TWAN, AWB and global astronomy, dark sky awareness, astronomy and world heritages; side event: a day-long night sky astrophotography workshop; various accompanying ideas.
– Solar Plan:
100-print exhibition (75X115cm and 50X70cm and panoramic sizes); screen exhibition (2-3 large screens, 40” or bigger); several presentations.
– Lunar Plan:
50-print exhibition (50X70cm and panoramic sizes); one large screen for TWAN time-lapse videos.
– Minor Plan:
30-print exhibition (50X70cm).
– Education Plan:
Various presentations, night sky photography workshop
– Large Screen Presentation:
Presenting TWAN images and time-lapse videos for venues with large screen and public shows.
– Custom Plan: The local organizer customizes size and number of prints and selects the side events

Generally the exhibition costs include:
– Prints
– Frames or Mountings
– Photographers license fee in case of permanent installation or multi-venue exhibitions
– Large LCD screen(s) or high quality video projector(s)
– Travel cost for TWAN representative/lecturer
– Accommodation
– Publishing material

There are many ways to reduce the costs, including printing and mounting locally, or having a local sponsorship for the prints.

Based on negotiation the supporting organization for a TWAN exhibition could keep all the exhibition mounted prints after the event for permanent installation or for a traveling national-wide exhibition in galleries, public places, schools and educational centers.

If you have suggestions for local, national or regional centers that may be appropriate and supportive for a TWAN exhibition, large screen presentation and educational workshop, please contact us.


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