CAP Journal features TWAN

Anthony Ayiomamitis
2008 February 27

The latest edition of Communicating Astronomy with the Public (CAP Journal), a publication of the International Astronomical Union, contains not one but two wonderful surprises. Babak Tafreshi’s TWAN photo of Orion rising above the Alborz Mountains in northern Iran graced the front cover of the magazine. The photo is a prelude to a five-page article within the magazine co-authored by Babak and Mike Simmons and which describes TWAN’s goals and objectives while simultaneously announcing its designation as an IYA 2009 Special Project.

Congratulations are due for this exceptional collaboration with the IYA/IAU whose common goal of bringing the beauty of the overhead sky to everyone is a basic underlying principle and objective.

The CAP journal is available as a free download. TWAN article as well as the complete content of the Feb. 2008 issue are available online at


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