AME 2008: The First Exposure in Europe

The World at Night began its various exhibitions and educational events throughout Europe by a one day small exhibition on 2008 September 14 at the 3th International Astronomy Fair or AME (Astronomie-Messe) 2008 in Schwenningen, south west of Stuttgart. The event is the Germany’s largest annual astronomy and telescope fair which received over 2000 visitors this year. Organized by TWAN and AWB European coordinators, Gernot Meiser and Pascale Demy, an exhibition of TWAN images held at AME 2008 together with their Mobile Observatory introducing section.

Besides TWAN there were 25 vendors at AME2008 from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy. TWAN small exhibition inspired many visitors of the fair and some important connections for future major TWAN events in Germany made here with the potential organizers, including an invitation from the president of Vereinigung der Sternfreunde (VdS) journal to organize a TWAN exhibition in Jena during IYA2009. On the next year of AME at 2009 September 26 TWAN plans to present a lecture and large screen multimedia show besides a small exhibition. Planning for several more TWAN events in Germany during the International Year of Astronomy is started, including exhibitions and presentations in Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Saarlouis, and Saarbrucken.

More images from the AME 2008 are available here, and here.


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