From the photographer: “Single frame just before sunrise, showing the zodiacal light, Jupiter with the Pleiades, Uranus and a meteor crossing the sky. This was the last night of my nightscape session in a very remote location away from home. I had just finished a a 2-hours timelapse in this location and was about to pick up everything and leave. But when the sun started to come out and I noticed the zodiacal light, I tried to enjoy the moment a little bit longer even though I was very tired. On the 6th shot I took from the horizon, the meteor crossed the sky and I knew I had captured it. I kept shooting for a couple minutes more, about 30+ shots, but got no more meteors. Move the slider on the image to show/hide labels.
Location: Chapada dos Veadeiros (Veadeiros Plateau), State of Goias, Brazil”

Technical details: Canon 6D, Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, ISO 6400, 30s exposure



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