As seen on National Geographic News from extremely dark and very transparent locations such as high altitude slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa the zodiacal light appears stunningly bright in the night sky, while there is no sign of this light in urban skies. Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano and the highest mountain in Africa located near the northern border of Tanzania with Kenya. Made by the sunlight reflection from dust particles in solar system plane, the zodiacal light is an unusual triangle of light visible along the ecliptic before dawn and after dusk under dark skies. In the right season when the ecliptic stands vertical over the horizon, the zodiacal light is much more prominent because the thick air near the horizon does not block it out. © Kwon, O Chul



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  • Bibi K. Reply

    What an unbeliavably beautiful picture! THANKS A MILLION!

    November 22, 2010 at 5:32 pm

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