Starry sky above erosional landscape of Zabriskie Point in the Death Valley National Park, California. In the background sky from left to right below the arc of Milky Way: Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, Constellation Orion, Taurus and Pleiades star cluster, and Cassiopeia in the right end. Situated within the Mojave Desert, the amazing landscape of Death Valley features the lowest, driest, and hottest locations in North America. © Wally Pacholka



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  • Bibi K. Reply

    Breathtaking. Thanks a lot for such a beautiful picture! I wish you could add captions for the main stars and constellations in there! It would be very useful for us inner-city stargazers who have NEVER seen live a night sky like this one in our entire lives!

    November 22, 2010 at 4:59 pm
  • Bibi K. Reply

    Please, can you tell me when (month and year) this lovely picture was taken? Is this a northwest view? Thanks a bunch!

    November 22, 2010 at 5:36 pm
  • wally pacholka Reply

    Thanks for your comments regarding my Death Valley night sky photograph.
    It was taken in February this year about 10pm looking south west.
    It’s a view of the winter Milky Way including the constellations of
    Orion, seven sisters and Taurus.
    It is amazing what can be seen at night from a dark location like
    Death Valley any night of the year and any time of night
    All the best

    November 23, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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