The evening twilight fades to starry sky over Gobustan National Park in Azerbaijan. The Moon and Venus are in conjunction over the west (right) with Jupiter a little higher in the sky. Along the ecliptic they are aligned with the zodiacal light (sunlight reflection from dust in the Solar System plane). On the other side the winter constellations are visible over the light dome of Gobustan town, only few kilometers way. This area was a human settlement in prehistoric time since the last ice age. This World Heritage Site preserve many prehistoric rock engravings.



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  • Fariz Reply

    Excellent shot! I would love to see more photos. Gobustan is a very interesting place for researchers of prehistoric world and alternative history. Gobustan has dogon like art, pleaydis star system shown on the rock art.

    August 24, 2012 at 8:18 am

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