From the photographer: “Deep in the Indian Ocean, an emerald can be found. Not large, but truly natural and full of plants island called Thoddoo, Maldives. Proud locals produce their own fruit and vegetable, welcome the tourists with wide-open arms, and show them the importance of the true relationship to the natural heritage of the island, such as endangered turtles and other species. Unfortunately, the island itself is a source of light pollution and so it is not easy to find a good spot for stargazing. I was lucky to find one, from where I saw all the natural lights of the night. The rising Milky Way followed the captivating light of the bioluminescent plankton while a small meteor appeared in the sky, close to the Gegenschein. Even if the tourist ship turned on its bright light in the distance, still remember the best of the dark skies there.”

Technical details:
Canon Ra, Sigma 35mm, ISO 6400, f2.2, panorama of 56 single 10s exposures from tripod, Optolong Clear Sky filter.



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