From the photographer: “Was up visiting my friend Michael, who lives on Mt. Aurora/Skiland, to shoot auroras this magic night. Captured some wonderful blue/purple colors earlier in the evening on the drive up, but now a few hours later the auroral oval was shrinking in size and power, and the auroras were collapsing and retreating to the north. The clouds had started to come in as well, and I knew the evening was winding down, kind of in the home stretch of a great race through some wonderful displays on this memorable night. Soon I would go back inside for a while to warm up before I headed back home down the hill towards town, back to my own little cabin just outside the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. I feel lucky to know someone so special that has his lovely custom built, window filled, home sitting atop a wonderful ridge just north of Fairbanks. An aurora photographers dream for sure. I know I will be back there many times this winter, and there will be many more memorable photos from this same wonderful spot. So this one last shot this night, with the auroras stretched across the northern sky, embracing this very special place, seemed to be a good way to end the evening. It really is a perfect Home Stretch! Thank you Michael for being who you are.”



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