From the photographer: “So after trying to get to the Griffith Observatory and not being able to, due to heavy traffic and full parkings, I decided to drive back to Los Feliz blvd, trying some of the allies while the Eclipse was going on and my car tank was almost empty! Finally I found a spot with possible overlook of downtown LA, but all the view were obscured by the buildings. I even tried ringing the doorbells of some if the neighbors and explained to them who I am and what is going on, but non of them let me to share their fantastic views;) So when the Moon entered the deep red phase, I was still walking the allies when I found these beautiful tress stretching to the Heavens. Better than nothing! I started to shoot! I hope you also enjoy the views!

Second photo: While walking down the alley in Los Feliz area, I came across this beautiful architecture! The color match was perfect for this medium telephoto eclipse shot!”



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