From the photographer: “The auroras were starting to die down a bit, were no longer overhead and out to the south, and had begun pulling back to the north. There were fewer and fewer of the tall powerful auroral beams making up the moving aurora curtain. Yet there it was, one last touch of aurora out west still being oh so pleasantly kissed by the already set sun. One last reminder of what had been going on for most of the last hour as the darkness deepened, and the aurora now quieted. An evening to remember for sure. It was a joy to review the images in the camera that night, seeing what was there that made that evening so special. There are times being out there in the dark with a camera is a time filled with memorable magic! So nice that we can catch some of that magic of the night and capture it, and bring it back for others to see. The incredible joy of living just south of the arctic circle. I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else. It would be very hard to give up nights like this!”



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