The disc of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is photographed above valleys of small towns and villages near Bursa, Turkey. Move the slider on the image to see all the constellation lines and labels. As noted by the photographer “I was on a high altitude point of Mount Uludag. As I started taking the pictures to make this panorama, the planetary triplet of Venus, Mars, and Saturn was about to be lost in the horizon haze due west (lower right). But suddenly Jupiter surprised me by appearing from the opposite direction. I did not expect to see it through the horizon dust layers before the triplet sets, as Jupiter and Saturn were 178 degrees apart that night. That was thanks to my 2536-meter high vantage point allowing me to see beyond the normal horizon, with a depression of as much as 2 degrees.”



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  • Nilgun Allmark Reply

    Amazing, beautiful photos all round. I had the pleasure of seeing the Milky way when I was at a camp site in Uludag many years ago….I had forgotten how majestic it is.

    Coming from Bursa myself, I take great pride in knowing we have such a talented ‘artist’ from my home city and wish you all the best in producing many more fantastic results.

    September 11, 2012 at 12:01 pm

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