The Milky Way and constellation Sagittarius shine above the Turret Arch in the Arches National Park of Utah, USA. As noted by the photographer “It’s probably one of the most recognized silhouettes in Arches. Standing off by itself in the Windows Section of the park, this is a very easy formation to spot, and very easy to get to as well. Facing the arch from the path, it was easy to see the Milky Way being pulled behind the horizon out to the west. I realized that if I moved along the pathway, I could place myself in a position where I could align the Milky Way with the opening in the arch itself. That was the shot I wanted. It seemed to accentuate the arch, and gave it the spiritual power it needed. I wondered how many others had noticed and shared that view over the centuries. Surely there had been many others. But I know this evening this view belonged only to me, as I set up my camera in the dark. It made it look as though there was some kind of star fire burning in the distance out behind the arch. I would imagine the tallest stone in this formation must be near 30 meters tall, as the size of these stone monsters can never be sensed in these night silhouetted shots. You have to be standing there in the silence to be awed by what is sitting out before your eyes. There was no moon this night, but sometimes a moon is not needed to get a sense of the magic that can be discovered in the magic parks of Utah.” © LeRoy Zimmerman



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  • Carla in Montana Reply

    Definitely a magical moment in a magical place.

    June 9, 2011 at 11:24 pm

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