From the photographer: “I started shooting in August 2019, and after three months, I had to change the time:( after that, I continued shooting.January-March 2020, I could not shoot for long periods of time due to quite cloudy night days. January-March 2021 after completing the remaining shots, I spent the last three days processing and aligning these frames. it was pretty exciting to see the shape when it was over. finally, in February, at exactly 17:00, I added a photo of the solar halo as a background and created this frame. I hope you like it. because I have a better understanding of how we rotate around the sun and the cycle of the seasons with this photo.a photo frame showing the moments when we are closest and farthest away from the Sun, The Longest Days of summer, and the point where the sun sets in the Southeast in winter…

This photo includes frames taken from the same location at 17:00 between 2021/01/09 and 2020/01/11. I used as a background was taken on February 2021, accompanied by a halo to the sun, at 17:00 on the edge of the Kızılırmak River.”

Technical details: Analemma photos: Nikon d 7100 18-140 mm (at 18 mm)
(the filter was used in the sky section where the sun is.)
Back ground : Sony a7r2 /18 mm



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