Bright stars Capella (top right), Betelgeuse (Orion’s shoulder, at center), and Sirius (lower left) descent to the western horizon in this early evening view from remains of the World Heritage site of Troy (Troia). Troy was both factual and legendary city, located in what is now northwest Turkey. It reminds the famous Trojan War, as described in the Iliad. The destroying war burnt down Troy more than 3000 years ago. As noted by the photographer “Nine layers of settlement are seen in Troy from about five thousand years ago to Roman era. The 7th Layer, which most probably witnessed the Trojan War is photographed here. The spaceship-like structure at the back is a roof to protect a part of the archeological remains from Troia I. Light pollution from the nearby town of Ezine and a few wind turbines dominate the horizon”.



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