Aurora and moonlight in Chena Lake, just south of North Pole, Alaska, a short distance from
Fairbanks. As noted by the photographer “By the time I had driven myself out to the lake, the
clouds had pulled in over my shooting position, and it seemed the night would be lost to the clouds. But the clouds seemed to be moving from right to left, east to west, and left an open gap out to the north. Well far off to the north, perhaps 400-500 miles away, sat a slow moving green arc. A rare treat to see in such a small part of the only open sky that night. The clouds held back the moon light, but allowed a soft reflection on the newly frozen ice, which had a pebbled surface, much like the skin of an orange. Even though the auroras were not tearing across the sky, they provided a delicate dance tempting enough for a voyeur to enjoy, peeking through the small
opening in the sky, seeing something only glimpsed, and always hoping for more. The auroras and moonlit distant blue sky were about the only color in the scene, a scene which was filled with the silver of the moon shining through the clouds and bouncing off the frozen ice.”



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