In a long exposure image the crescent moon appears to emerge out of the peak of Pyramid Hill, Lake Ballard (Western Australia), along with the stars, planets and early morning twilight, above the eastern horizon. Light of the morning twilight paints the horizon in orange. One of the “Inside Australia” statues by artist Antony Gormley stands as a silent witness to the celestial spectacle. Click on the second photo to see a day-time view of this place. © John Goldsmith



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  • Donna Pierce Reply

    couldn’t have said it any better “The Silent witness” What will it look like when what we’ve been warned about begins ? Ironically many star trials on here are from Iran – if God said he would rain down protection for His people from the heavens – then He will and I think this it what it will look like – the stars in the heavens were for signs for us – let us see and hear what they are saying – let the wise men tell us again what they herald. THANK YOU for this fantastic IMAGE!!

    April 16, 2014 at 4:15 am

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