From the photographer “There are many reasons that people go to church. And surely one of
those reasons is ‘to seek the light’. Sometimes through beliefs, and
other times through a camera. There is a simple Russian Orthodox
Church in the village of Ninilchik, in south central Alaska, along the
coast of the Cook Inlet. A shot I had long envisioned getting,
auroras over that historic church, was never easy to do as it was
almost 500 miles from my home in Fairbanks. I do not find myself in
that area too often. But the auroras had been active for the few
nights previous, so as I was making a photo trip around the state at
that time, it made sense to park myself at the church that night. So
that become my reason to attend church that evening, as I too was
there to seek the light. There are many ways to be aware that there
are greater forces at work in this world than we can ever understand.
Some may go inside the church to know, and some of us can know from
being outside the church. I welcome the mystery of not knowing some
of the secrets of this world, and this night was a reminder of just
how humble one should be. LeRoy Zimmerman/



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  • Julia Mountjoy Reply

    My husband and i have spent a very enjoyable hour going thru your awe inspiring photos on this site. He grew up in Anderson, Alaska and we first met here in Ninilchik at a basketball game 35 years ago. You have, with your photos and your beautiful descriptions, taken us back to the Alaskan nights we miss so much. Thank You

    May 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm
  • stan v. chambers Reply

    awesome, surreal photo —nature is still better than photoshop

    July 30, 2011 at 9:57 pm

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