This all-sky view, made by a fish-eye lens, is a digital startrail image. It’s an accumulated exposure of 2 hours made by stacking a sequence of continues shorter exposures. The bright trail at top is the Moon which has illuminated the sky and the landscape. The patchy green lights are the northern lights to Aurora Borealis. The image shows how the sky rotates around the celestial pole because of the Earth rotation. In the center of the trails is the North Star or Polaris, located very close to the North Celestial Pole. As seen from Yellowknife in northern Canada at latitude 62 degrees (only 400 km under the Arctic Circle) the North Star is very high in the sky; 62 degrees above the horizon. During the time this sequence was made The Dancing lights of aurora appear in the moonlit sky above Yellowknife, northern Canada. As noted by the photographer “I was at the waterfront of Yellowknife downtown towards Frame Lake Aurora at mid-night to capture this image”.



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