As seen on the National Geographic News, a lone motorcycle biker wends its way to Mount Everest‘s Base Camp, approaching from the Tibet side. In this darkening night sky, above the snow and ice flanked Himalayas, the yellow-red star Antares at the Scorpion’s heart rises at left. To its right the stars of Centaurus shine their blue light over the top of the world. Mount Everest’s name is Chomolungma in Tibetan language, often translated as Goddess Mother of Mountains.

Added by the photographer: ”Everest base camp is not allowed to sleep overnight. It needs 2 hours hiking on 5000m above sea level. I meet this lonely rider at midnight. He came from Chengdu to travel in Tibet for 15 days. He quit his job for this journey and finally reached the foot of Mount Everest at this very night. I asked him if we could get a lift to the Everest Base Camp to capture the starry sky over the top of the world … The photo tell the story of the explorers at night. When people talk about Everest, It’s always about the professional climbers. But the normal travelers have their own story, they are also unique and inspiring.”



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