The Milky Way from constellation Cygnus (lower right) to Cassiopeia (top) is photographed above an old church in Vada, Sweden. The image is unusually rich in nebulae and deep sky objects because it’s made with a modified DSLR camera. The normal IR-cut filter of the camera is replaced with an astronomical filter that passes the far red part of the visible spectrum where the emission nebulae are brightest. The photographer has also used a skyglow blocking filter to reduce the sky brightness caused by light pollution and to enhance the contrast of deep sky features.
The most prominent objects in the view is the Andromeda Galaxy on the left and the North America Nebula on the lower right. You can find other notable objects in this image. Under dark skies some of these nebulae are bright enough to be glimpsed even with a small telescope, however we can’t see the color because human eye is not sensitive enough to colors in low light condition.



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