It was May, I was in the Puna de Atacama, an arid high plateau of Andes. Reaching that remote place mobilized my emotions a lot. As human beings, we need ‘that’ incentive to make a decision that we know is very important. I can say that such travels open the mind and let flow the thoughts… For the curious who look at the night sky, here you see what’s in the Southern sky. I’m lucky to see it all the year because I live in the Southern Hemisphere.

Some of the important astronomic object that you can see in this image includes the famous Southern Cross accompanied by the Coalsack dark nebula, bright stars Alpha and Beta Centauri, Eta Carinae nebula (in a light pink color), and the incredible globular cluster Omega Centauri (up in the center like a white full spot).

At the beginning it’s difficult to identify them but like everything, the brain gradually adapts itself to easily recognize them.
Panorama composed of 3 photos at ISO8000/ 20sec/ f2.8/ Sonya7s

Antofagasta de la Sierra, Catamarca, Argentina



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