Comet McNaught C/2009 R1 is photographed (at magnitude 5) above the chapel of Marko in Veszprem country of Hungary. The beginning of morning twilight colored the sky in blue as the comet is barely visible to the naked eye. This image is made through a 50 mm lens and by digitally stacked 10 frames of 6-second exposures (ISO 3200 and f2.5). A part of the comet’s green tail is also visible (which was a spectacular view in telescopic images). C/2009 R1 is one of more than 50 comets known as Comet McNaught; named after the Australian comet discoverer and astronomer Robert H. McNaught. The comet (with closest approach to the sun on 2010 July 2) is a non-periodic and will most probably leave the Solar System permanently.



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