In a starry night of a remote island of Mangaia in the southern hemisphere, the band of the Milky Way stands above the Pacific Ocean. Mangaia is one of the Cook Islands, which is circled round with a ring of coral reefs. Images of stars and Milky Way were reflected from the relatively calm waters inside the reef, during low tide. Part of this panorama can be seen upside down in this double picture.



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  • Maaraanau Ariki Reply

    A magnificent so beautiful. I believe Mangaia is one of the rarest spot on earth where these things happens to be seen..Milky WAY, ECLIPSE..I also believe thats the second time it happend one was in the 1960s an eclipse..I was still in Primary school and school was close for the day and we were told to stay indoors and all the window blinds or curtains of every household were drawn shut so no children will come out and look at the sun cos it will make you go so proud of my homeland Mangaia..

    January 29, 2015 at 5:41 pm

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