In 1963, archaeologists discovered Rakhi Garhi, State of Haryana, India, and found that this place was the site of the largest known city of the Indus Valley civilization, much larger and ancient than Harappa and Mohenjodaro sites. It is situated on the dry bed of the Sarasvati river, which is believed to have once flown through this place and dried up by 2000 BC. There is an entire ancient city buried here. This trench shows layers and artifacts from various times of history of this Indus Valley Civilization Site.

More from the photographer: “That night I climbed down 5000 years inside the earth, though it was just 22 metres below the ground level. Just a week before a team at Deccan University dug up this deep section. I was lucky to visit there while the trench was open for a couple of days.”



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