From the photographer: “I used to visit Mt. Sandras when I was working in Denizli, back in 2008-9. Lake Kartal Natural Reserve, set around a glacial lake and monument forest, was one of my favourite spots.

In 2022, I was able to revisit Sandras when a dark sky festival was held at nearby Topuklu Pasture between 30th June and 3rd July 2022. And, I was able to visit Lake Kartal on 1st July 2022 and replicate an old image from 2nd July 2009; exactly 13 years later minus one day. In 2009, Venus and Mars were visible close to each other and Pleiades. In 2022, Venus is again not far from Pleiades, while Mars shines brighter and higher in Pisces and with Jupiter shining in Pisces also.”



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